Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coming up for air!

Teacher Friends...

Can I get an AMEN?!?

We have wrapped up our first week of school and it was fabulous and wonderful but....EXHAUSTING! Perhaps it is time that I try to get to bed at a more decent body is still not letting go of my summer bedtime. But this past week has wiped me out. 

My daughter started kinder this year at my school (I'm in HEAVEN!) and she has had NO problem going to bed at night. She is loving every minute of school and, in fact, shed some big crocodile tears when she realized that we were not going to school today, on Saturday. With time, I'm sure she will learn to appreciate the weekends to unwind and reboot! 

Weekends for me are all about playing catch-up. Calling an old friend back (finally) since there is no time to talk during the first week of school. I mean,'s sad. Grocery shopping, laundry, dishes...ugh. Well, I will get to those things later. For now, I'm catching up on the blog...

Flashback to the past 10 days or so....


Here is my AWESOME 2nd grade team...our theme this year is "Training Camp: Not So Basic Training". These ladies are the best and I am so happy to work with them again this year. 

Since we were heading into a week full of meetings...

Got these cute composition books at Wal-Mart, made some labels, and had a resourceful back to school gift for my teammates!

My mom made my turquoise chevron curtains! Makes me so happy. :)


Our "Meet the Teacher" night was on Thursday of our inservice week and I snapped some pics this year of my set up....

I decided to send home my Letter of Introduction on Meet the Teacher instead of waiting until the first day. We had some other important forms to send home so we put them in a gallon size baggie to place on the kids' desks.

We also had these Starburst Treats on their desks. 
"I'm BURSTING with happiness that you're in my class this year!"

We just printed the labels (you can get them FREE here), and filled a snack size baggie with Starburst. They were a hit!

We also had the kids help sort their supplies when they came in. A real time-saver!

This is how I set up my wish list items. I had this bucket and some old styrofoam. I covered the styrofoam with some left over zebra paper, then used skewers with my items attached. It worked great...the parents took an item that they could provide and slipped it into their big ziplock bag. 

An important part of the night....How their child will be getting home. Especially first day so we know where to send them. :)

Like this sheet? You can snag it HERE.

My desk set up...

I had baskets set out labeled for supplies to be sorted. 

The classroom is ready!

My little angel waiting to meet her kindergarten teacher!

Checking out the preschool trikes in the hallway! Of course, Noah wanted to hop on.

Unfortunately those were the only 2 pics I got of Myla at Meet the teacher. Dad was in charge since Mom was meeting her students. He didn't take any pics. 

We wrapped up our evening with a fun dinner out to celebrate a successful Meet the teacher night!

Can't believe this big girl is old enough to go to school!

More prep before the first day...It takes a village!

Here is my mom helping out...writing student names on everything! She has much nicer handwriting than me! Thanks mom!

And my awesome husband, who did not want to pose for a picture, typed out some student labels for me! I use these on their mailboxes where I send home work etc.

The Sunday before school started, I headed up one last time to make sure everything was ready. 

See what I mean about my handwriting!?!

Our schedule...

I had copies of their "Introduce Yourself" sheet, name tag and bright safari pencil on their desk ready to go!!

Ready or not, here they come!

More to come later on our first week! It was a great one and I have some fun activities to share!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!


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