Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BACK-to-SCHOOL BOOST Sale is tomorrow!

We are back to work for our professional development week and holy smokes, I'm tired! I do love how this week allows us to ease back into our routine of getting up super early and working hard all day with our kids. So with that said, my super early bedtime awaits pretty soon but just wanted to post a reminder about the Back-to-School Boost Sale on TpT that is going on tomorrow and tomorrow ONLY!

Perfect timing to get those last minute items before the school year officially starts! EVERYTHING in my store is 20% off and if you use the PROMO CODE: BOOST, it combines for a 28% savings. Pretty sweet deal.

I have over 15 "back to school" products, some ideal for any grade level! My top seller right now has been my Great Sub Reference Binder, the perfect resource when preparing for a long-term sub or just to have on hand when you are out during the year!

I also have my Pinterest popular (over 700 repins!)

Here is one of the printables. We do this on the first day in my classroom. ;)

Get super organized with one of my Teacher Binders...There are 4 different ones to choose from!

Oh! And I need to get these printed...First and Last Day of School Signs!

Here is my little darling with her First day of Preschool sign!

And her last day of preschool!

I get to print off her First Day of Kindergarten sign for next week!!

More to see but I'm getting more sleepy by the minute...SO, head on over to my store to see if you can find any other goodies for your classroom this year!

Oh! I still have my "Your Choice" Back2School Giveaway going on right now on my FB page! If you are reading this and you enter, you have an extremely good chance of winning something (your choice) from my store since there are only 8 entries so far!! (Oh the struggles of the beginning blogger :( You write and write, put it out there and wonder if someone, anyone is reading it!!!)

Beuller, Beuller, anyone??

Well, if you are hanging with me til the end of this post, you might as well hop on over to my FB page right now and enter my giveaway!!

Please, pretty please! ;)

Seriously, though....thanks for reading!


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