Sunday, August 3, 2014

2 New Classroom Decor Sets are up! (and they're 50% off TODAY only)

Who doesn't love a good road trip?? Well, I especially loved our 9 hour trip to the beach this past week!
 {We spend some great quality family time and relaxed by the shore in Gulfport, MS for 4 days.}

On the way there, I was able to complete my first Classroom Decor Set...all 200+pages of it! Here is a preview...


Preview a little hard to see so here is what's included: 

-Large “Welcome” Bunting Banner
-Small “Welcome” Bunting Banner
-Student Desk Plates with and w/o lines
-Name tags with and w/o lines
-Classroom Jobs Display sign
-Classroom Job labels
-Supply labels with and w/o pictures
-Locker Tags
-Calendar Center materials (Months, Days, Number cards)
-Schedule Cards
-Student Number Labels
-Birthday Display- Months of the Year
-Clock Labels (display the minutes next to your classroom clock!
-Number Posters with words 1-20
-Table Number Posters (large and small size)
-Daily 5 Posters
-Where Are We? Poster for Classroom Door
-ABC Posters, Cards & Bunting in D’Nealian print
-Behavior Management Clip System

And set #2 was created on the 9 hour drive home. 

(My husband was so patient with me. He didn't mind at all that I was totally consumed in my project! AND not to mention, my 5 and 3 year old are amazing travelers now and didn't require a lot of my attention. Thanks to movies in the car, iPads, iPods, coloring books ETC.)

Set 2: NEON Brights

Now this set was inspired by a Facebook Fan. I had posted in our Teachers Swap & Shop FB page that I needed some inspiration in creating a set. Color schemes, themes, IDEAS! I offered a FREE giveaway set to the teacher I chose....Neon Bright colors with Black and white chevron and polka dots. Hope she likes it! 

Congrats to Jenn Bordelon for winning the set! This one is, by far, my FAVE!!

I have a few more sets I want to complete before school starts but don't have another 9 hour isolated block of time so we will see!

Oh! These are 50% off TODAY only!!
(Regular Price is $9.00...on sale today for $4.50

Get the Bright Zig Zag Set----> HERE!

Get the NEON Brights set-----> HERE!


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