Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Setup Part 1

I went up to school on Tuesday (finally!) to start the process of cleaning out, setting up, etc. But I found myself just wanting to work on the fun stuff, like switching out some classroom decor.

I had created a few classroom decor sets for TpT recently and decided why not create a little something for my room too. Without completely overdoing it and switching out my safari/zebra theme, of course, I really wanted to brighten up the room with bright, almost neon, colors and rid my room of the primary colors and the dots on black combo I've had for years.

Sooo...thought I would share my mini classroom makeover in two parts. This post will be Part 1...what I finished on Tuesday and Part 2, well, it hasn't happened yet but I will be working ALL day Friday to finish.

To get started, I had a few rolls of zebra paper left over from my border I used on the top part of my walls that I had put up (with the help of my very tall husband) five years ago!

 I decided to cover the tops of the lockers...

I had my mom's help, a retired teacher. She's the best!

I think it looks so much better!

Next up was my ABC/Word Wall area. As you can see here, my ABC strip was starting to come down and I really wanted to change out the dots on black border.

I decided to go with my Neon Brights Chevron ABC posters.

You can get these HERE as a part of the Classroom Decor Set.

I also switched out my border to this fun, bright chevron print. 
I thought this with my zebra print would compliment each other well. 

I got this from our local Teacher's Tools store.

So here it is!

I had to space them out a little to stretch them down the wall. Plus since these are also my word wall headers, I needed to be sure I had enough space for the bigger words under each letter. 

 Oh and have you seen my bright word wall words?! I love them!

I made a bunting banner saying, "Mrs. MeGown's 2nd Grade Safari" to hang at the front of the room. 

Just has the glare from the laminating but it really looks pretty cute!

Then I updated some of my signs/labels around the room...



I teach 2nd graders and yes, they even need this simple reminder. 

I also updated our job board...



Bright and still safari themed!

Then I just added a few more things to match the bright theme...

Numbers for my Morning Work board

Then I needed a "Morning Work" sign. I mean, why write that every day, right?! :)

I also typed up a Target the Question and Number of the Day signs. 
(It's like a domino effect...once you change one part, there will be more to follow!)

So that led my to changing up my Smile Sparkers too.
Here is a picture from last year's front board. Smile Sparkers are the leopard print signs above the board we display throughout the year. When someone makes another student smile, they can write about it on a Smile Sparker, present at the end of the day and then it goes up on our wall.  I just laminated them and wiped clean every few weeks. 

Since I wanted everything to match my Bright Safari theme, I made these....

 This also shows my example Smile Sparker. ;)

I don't have Before pics for the rest of what I'm sharing today but I think it looks a lot better!

This is my anchor chart wall where I hang up those anchor charts that are good reminders for the class. 

Writing Process Posters (I plan to upload these to TpT as a freebie soon!)

Book Hospital

I simply added a different border around my Teacher Guidelines poster to update it.

Super blurry pic, I will update it when I have a chance to retake. 

Found these zebra containers in clearance section of Hobby Lobby for $3 each. 

And lastly, I hung my adorable wooden letters that my good friend, Amanda, painted for me over the summer! I love them!!

Thanks, Amanda!!

Well, that's all for Part 1. 

Part 2 will not be as exciting since it will be more of organizing the pile of mess in the center of the room. I have things shoved in lockers and supplies scattered everywhere. Yes, perhaps I should have done that part first but I'm procrastinating...

After all, I slightly believe this to be true...LOL!

Stay tuned!


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