Sunday, August 17, 2014

Classroom Set Up Part 1 1/2

So I went up to work in my classroom ALL DAY Friday and got a lot done! However, this post is entitled Part 1 1/2 because I did not take very many pictures. I was that busy and focused to get things done that didn't think about capturing too many of the changes. Thought I would post again next week before our first day anyway. ;) But here's a few pics...

This was my daily file organizer I've used for years...


I didn't like that I couldn't store everything I needed, besides handouts, and needed something with a little more space. 


I got these Sterilite organizers at WalMart and stacked them to make a daily storage system. I think I will like this a lot better! Not sure what I will be putting in the "Extra" drawer but that is why I named it that...a place to store some of the extra stuff we might do throughout the week. :)

Here is my "Essential Questions" board where we write our learning targets ...



There was nothing necessarily wrong with it before...just like the cleaner look of the bright typed words!

Since I had changed out my ABC strip/Word wall headers, I also wanted to update my Class Compliment Reward system labels. You can see them on the old ABC strip here...They are the little leopard print squares you see up there. Yeah, see? It's hard to tell.



So now you can see the labels better as I made them bigger and added a bright blue star, compliments from Krista Walden from Creative Clips! In this picture you can see the "Dance Party" label on the "D". :) To read more about how I use this Class Compliment Reward System, go to the post -> HERE

A few more pics of some of our class rewards. ; )

The last thing I captured from my LONG day in my classroom...the part I was dreading the most!

My storage cabinet!!

The custodians had to completely take everything out to move it out of my room so the floors could be waxed. All of my storage items were tossed into a gigantic trash can during the waxing process and most of my containers had opened up and things were scattered everywhere! It was going to be quite the task and I was procrastinating!



Aw, organized. 

A few years ago my sister, who is an organizational wizard, got me all these bins and containers, made labels and sorted and organized all of these supplies. She continued to come up before school started to reorganize what I had messed up over the year. However, this past year, I did much better at returning everything in the right spot! And then the custodians, despite my best efforts to convince them NOT to move this cabinet, (I put a sign on it and used clear packing tape to tape the doors shut!) they still needed to and I had to start over anyway!

 I also had organized my "desk drawers". I use the large sterilite containers under my kidney table as my desk drawers and they were in dire need of attention. Glad I got that done!

I arranged my desks into their sections, partly set up my bulletin board and tried to pick up all the lamination scraps around the room. By 4pm, I was ready to call it a day!

I'll take more pics before our Meet the Teacher night next Thursday. The room should be in tip top shape by then!!

Thanks for reading!


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