Saturday, September 6, 2014

Parent Handbooks for Curriculum Night were a hit!

Last Thursday, we had our 2nd grade Curriculum Night and passed out these adorable flip books to our parents. We were able to put tons of important 2nd grade info in one convenient place. My team each edited their own to fit their specific classroom too!

A big shout out to Stephanie at Mrs. D's Corner for creating this awesome resource! Our parents loved them!

Of course, the file was editable so we could tailor to our class/grade level needs. We copied on super bright paper, which makes me happy!

We added a magnet to the back, as Mrs. D suggested in her blog post, so the parents could keep it on the fridge instead of sticking in a pile or in a drawer. 

It is FREE in her store now, so I highly suggest you head on over to her TpT store and snag it! You will want it for your orientation night if you haven't had it yet but definitely a great resource for next year!

Thanks, Stephanie!!

More to come this weekend on the latest happenings in Mrs. MeGown's 2nd grade Safari so stay tuned!!


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