Saturday, September 28, 2013

Super Sentences! Complete Sentence Bundle with Station Activities

This is a comprehensive collection of complete sentence practice, ideal for grades 1st-3rd.

 Some pages have 2 versions for differentiated learners. All printable pages come in black 

and white for easy printing.

Complete Sentence practice includes: 

-6 colorful teaching posters

-Sentence Sort (cut and paste activity)

-Rescue the Incomplete Sentences practice sheet

-"What's Missing?" practice sheet

-Answering questions in complete sentence

-"Help!" practice sheet (editing sentences)

-Scrambled Sentences #1 (for your struggling students)

-Scrambled Sentences #2 (for your higher students)

This also includes 3 engaging station activities. They are ready to go...simply print, 

laminate and cut out the parts. 

Get it HERE while it's FREE! 

This is Why I Teach...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Fun Activity Pack-12 Literacy Printables

With Halloween right around the corner, I've put together 12 different literacy printables to engage and challenge your students! Ideal for grades 1st-4th, there is something for everyone. This activity pack includes a Halloween word search, acrostic poems, 3 different writing papers for Halloween stories, Venn diagram to compare costumes, descriptive bubble maps or webs for pumpkins, ghosts and costume ideas, tree maps for Pumpkins and more!

Here is a Preview of most of the pages...

 Get these HERE

And like all my products, they are FREE for the first 48 hours so grab it now!
*FREE for 48 hours only (thru 9/23) so if you download, please provide feedback and follow my store to get updates on my newest creations coming soon! Thanks and enjoy! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Our school's theme this year is ONE. We have one voice and one life, we are one team. I love it! So, we have asked the kids to think of ONE word that will be their focus for the year. I shared with my class, the first week of school, my one word of the year....BALANCE. It was quite amusing trying to explain this to my 2nd graders. One said, "So you want to work on your balance?? Like standing on one foot? I can do that!!"

I went on to explain that it is important for me to balance my time between home/family life and my life at school. Plus, my hobbies and friendships.... After I explained more, I was quite impressed that some of the kids really understood.

SO...this week I challenged the kids to think of their ONE word by Friday so we could make our One Word posters. Every student chose a word that would be something they would work on, not necessarily describe them.

I took white construction paper and cut a whole in the middle to make a frame for their face. I told them to decorate their poster and draw a symbol to reflect their word. Then I took each student's picture with their poster.  I plan to make a photo collage out of all the pics and post on our classroom door. Hoping it will help reinforce and hold them accountable for their word.

Here is my example...

Here are some of the kids!!

I have to say that I am truly blessed by these kids. Such a great group and I already love them all! I look forward to helping them focus on their ONE WORD this year!

UPDATE!! I decided to take their pics and place on our bulletin board...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Class Management Signs

Manage your classroom (silently) and encourage appropriate behavior and involvement with these helpful signs.
Simply print on cardstock, cut out, laminate, and attach a craft stick to the back as a handle.
Keep them handy during class to enforce A+ behavior! 

Of course the pictures don't include the craft stick that would make it a real sign, but you can imagine! I got this idea while looking through one of the zillion teacher catalogs I get at the beginning of the year. There was a set of class management signs for $10.99! I thought I would make my own...and for free!! 

This is a FREEBIE and will always be so ENJOY!

Get this free product HERE!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Me Museum: Great First Week activity

I just wanted to share something new our grade level did this year that I thought was fantastic! At the start of the school year, it is always fun to do a few getting-to-know-you activities. Instead of doing the "Me in a Bag" activity where the kids brought in five things in a bag to share with the class, we had a "Me Museum"! My team member found it on TpT. You can see it here.

The kids chose 3 items (some brought a few more!) to display in their "museum" that would tell about them. They created a sign to display to attach to their desk and wrote on notecards a sentence or two describing their items. I also had post-its at each table for the kids to write down questions as they walked around visiting the museums. They loved it and were so excited to have questions to answer when they got back to their desks. A HUGE timesaver too, as the kids rotated to each table when I rang the bell, instead of 1 child presenting one at a time. I will definitely be doing this every year!

Here are a few of the museums.

Here is a quick video showing how it all worked!

More iPad Rules Posters (Zebra Edition)

I made another set of iPad Rules posters...I wanted to do a Zebra edition to match my classroom. So THESE are the ones I will be using after all. Just uploaded on TpT so that means they are FREE for 48 hours (thru Monday 9/16) 

You can get these HERE


Sunday, September 8, 2013

iPad Rules Posters

You gotta love 21st Century Learning! With iPads making their presence known in today's classrooms, it is important for teachers to teach and encourage responsible expectations for iPad usage.

Here are 7 colorful posters with the following rules:

This poster set also includes Student Contract cards for students to sign!
Contract cards are also available in black and white. :)
It's FREE for 48 hours...thru Wednesday, September 11th.

Get this HERE

Thank you and ENJOY!