Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catching up...Class Compliment Reward system

Trying to play "catch-up" a little bit as I've been meaning to post some more pics and happenings from our little class lately. I always forget how crazy the first part of the school year can be with assessments,  getting to know your students, parent conferences...So this is my attempt to go back in time a few weeks a recap some of our highlights.

One of the things I started this year was a Class Compliment reward system. It's quite simple...our class gets compliments from other staff members and we are rewarded after certain number of compliments. My amazing sister (and former 2nd grade teacher) actually helped me come up with the idea so I cannot take full credit. :) I use our ABC wall and placed a star on the "A" when the school year began. When the class received a compliment, I move the star to the next letter. Throughout the alphabet I had set rewards the class would receive when we landed on certain letters.
See the turquoise star? That marks where we are on our compliment rewards. And, yes, don't you see where my ABC strip is coming off the wall?!

The first letter with a class reward was the letter "D" and "D" was for DANCE PARTY! We actually earned that one pretty quickly! We just needed 3 compliments to get to "D". Here is a chaotic video of our dance party!

D is for Dance Party
This was before we had split our classes to add a new section of 2nd grade so yes, that is 25 kids dancing around the room! Too much fun. :)

The next reward took us a little longer to earn but when we landed on letter "G", I invited a special surprise Guest Reader to come read to the class. I knew just who to invite as I had already heard from one of the first grade teachers that I had a fabulous parent reader in my class. Zoe's dad, Mr. Westman, came to read a few Skippy Jon Jones book in his best spanish accent as well as a few other good books! It was very entertaining and the kids really enjoyed it!!

G is for Guest Reader
As we move through the year, we will be earning several more compliments and rewards! The next one  will be on letter "K" for a "Kick Around", meaning the kids will bring their favorite balls and we will simply go kick around outside. 
Then we will be having a Popcorn party when we get to letter "P". 
Hmm....what's next?! Ugh can't remember but I think it is something for letter "S"?!

UPDATE!! The next one is soon after our Popcorn's R for "Read and Feed!" Kids can bring their favorite books and snacks for a reading party. :)

I do know that letter "V" stands for "Victory Lap" where again, we will go run around outside and play after taking a victory lap, of course. :)
Then the last class reward ends at letter "Z" with "Zany Zoo day" where we get to bring our favorite stuffed animals to school with us. 
It has been a great reward system so far and very easy to manage. I did tell the kids that we would just start back at the A once we finished. I have some kids predicting that we will repeat the alphabet at least 10 times by the end of the year! We'll see about that. :)


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