Monday, June 8, 2015

SCHOOL'S OUT....For Summer!!

So happy to have a little time off with my own babies this summer, but I sure am missing my sweet class!!

I know it may seem that teachers say this often but really, REALLY, this class was something special. Such an incredible group of kids and I am so proud of them. I do plan to post more about our end of year happenings later. Tons to share about our Animal Research PBL (which was FABULOUS!) and a few other fun things! So stay tuned!!

This pic was taken right after learning that our Halle won the all school Hula Hooping Championship! What? Your school doesn't do hula hooping on the last day of school!?!

Oh, and we also had a GAGA Ball Championship. Here is the 2nd grade team right before they played! Go Allie and Owen!

My little darling ready to cheer on her kindergarten friends!

Congrats Owen for winning the K-2 championship game. ;)

My class after the win!!

 Such a fun class!

Saying goodbye to my girls! :(

Earlier in the day, I had presented them with their End of Year Gifts...

Love the way they turned out this year! How did I make these? SIMPLE! Go HERE to read all about how the kids filled out ONE word for everyone in our class. Then I simply made a Wordle and printed it out! Cheap, Dollar store frames and a cute poem added to the back. Done! And they loved it!

To see my blog post on this last year, go HERE! I love how they each turned out a little different! The kids loved that the bigger the word, that meant the more people had put that word down to describe them! Very cool.

Would you like to do this activity with your class next year? It's FREE on TpT! And, oh my goodness, it has been downloaded nearly 6,000 times! WOW!

Get it HERE!



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