Monday, May 26, 2014

Just ONE Word {End of Year activity and GIFT for your class}

With the end of the school year just days away, I came across a neat activity via Pinterest on Confessions of at Teaching Junkie that would be perfect for our school. Our theme this year is ONE WORD where we, teachers and students, have focused on one word for the year.  So this activity is a great way to wrap up the year...

The class will choose one word for each of their classmates and teacher. I know my class will be having discussions of fabulous words to use before we start and will hopefully limit everyone being "nice" or "awesome". 

Then I plan to collect each student's paper, compile the words and plug into Wordle or Tagul cloud to display the chosen words for each student. I just made one up using my name...

I'm sure my kids would come up with some different words for me but this took me literally 3 mins to create. 

Then you could get simple frames from the Dollar Store to frame each student's word collage and there you have a creative, inexpensive gift for your students!

I think the kids will really like this. ;) I plan to try this next week, so I'll post an update afterwards. :)

This is a FREE activity on TpT now so head over HERE to get your blank template and instructions. 

This editable file includes space for 20 names.  I would be happy to edit the file (add names/lines) for any of my followers. If you are not a follower yet, become one...Visit my store and click on "Follow Me" right below my name.



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