Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Letter of the Day Training Camp! {ALL BOY style}

Depending on how you look at it, being a teacher's kid can have its perks... or its downfalls? This kid just happens to love getting dressed up and posing for a few pics. This is how I am attempting to teach him his letters this summer. 

You can hop on over to my family blog to see the activities we are doing each day. We've only made it through letter H so far but you can follow our ABC learning adventures HERE!

This has definitely proven to be a different experience than when I did Letter of the Day activities with my daughter 2 years ago.  She was more than eager to do every activity and every letter craft. 
You can read all about our Letter of the Day with my daughter HERE.

It's true what they say....girls mature faster than boys. No doubt.

 I know I would have to keep the activities centered around all boy stuff to hold his interest. Sports, garbage trucks, race cars, bugs...etc. So far, so good.

I am planning on printing out each letter picture, starring my little athlete, and hang them up on the wall upstairs. 
This one is my favorite so far. :)
Not sure how much he's actually learning, but we are having fun!!

Do you do any learning activities with your own kiddos? If so, I would love to hear about them! Leave me a comment below! ;)


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