Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 2: Dare to Dream!

It's Week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge and I'm excited to share my GOALS for this "Dare to Dream" post. To be honest, the fact that it is Wednesday evening and I am JUST NOW posting for the week makes me a little crazy. Ugh...wish I wasn't so Type A. Anyways, if you are just tuning in and want to learn more about this exciting challenge, be sure to check out these fabulous blogs!


This week's assignment!!

I had to narrow it down and focus on what is really at the top of my list. Most important. 

Here they are...

So, up first....

First and foremost, when considering my goals for TpT...this one word comes to mind. As a mommy of young littles, coach's wife, grade level chair, and 2nd grade teacher, "new" blogger...BALANCE is key! This will most likely always be a constant struggle, I realize, but I want to try to find that happy medium. I feel there have been times that I've let my family down because I was trying to finish a TpT product or a blog post instead of tending to issues at home. Sure, there have been nights that I served PB&Js, potato chips, and cookies for dinner (more nights than I would like to admit), because I needed to get back on my computer. My kids are little sponges who watch everything I do and I don't ever want them to feel that they're second. My family is the most important thing along with my faith in the Lord. So, ((deep breath))...BALANCE. Blogging and TpT'ing has to wait until nap time or bed time!

For my next goal, this is important to me. I feel that TpT and all that comes with it will always be a part of my life. As cliche as it sounds, I really consider myself a lifelong learner. I want to know how these big time bloggers do it. How they find success. Their tips and tricks...I want to LEARN and then be able to CREATE high quality products and SHARE with others through my blog and TpT store. I feel that there has been improvement over the past year but I'm hungry for more! I would love to feel that I have made a "breakthrough" and found my place in the educational blogging world. I want my products to be "wishlisted" and sought after just because I created it. I always want to be able to share my work with others. 

This one is simple. We don't become teachers for the money. Everybody knows that. As teachers, we want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I want to inspire not only my students each year but also fellow teachers. Whether it be the amazing teachers I work alongside each day or teachers across the world. I want what I do each day to matter. I mean, really matter. To me, the greatest reward from teaching is a handwritten note from a student or parent declaring my importance in his/her life. My work mattered. My LOVE for my students has been recognized. It's the greatest. Can I get an AMEN?!

And lastly, pay off debt. Did you notice how I created the word "Debt" here? I wanted to display it sketchy as if it could just be ERASED easily. But since I know it can't, I have the dark shadow around the letters. And that is how debt makes me feel. Just a dark gloomy cloud surrounding us. My husband is a coach. So we have more or less reached our highest earning potential in the positions we are in. When I started TpT, I thought I would use the extra income for some of my personal fun things like massages, pedicures, highlights etc. But now, I need to get serious and pay off that credit card. Life happens and we need to get new tires, take a (really) expensive trip to the ER, or replace an AC unit. Yeah, all that just happened in the past 2 months. So...TpT and the income it provides will be redirected to erase debt! It will be such a great feeling once it happens!!

That pretty much wraps up my goals! Be sure to head on over to the other blogs to check out others' goals. I've noticed that many teachers all over the country have similar goals!

What are yours?!


  1. I enjoyed reading your dreams. I hate those ER visit bills! But I am happy we do have quality doctors to help us in a medical emergency. I just hate the bills that follow. Good luck with your dare to dream goals! Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Hope you enjoy your summer as well!

  2. I loved reading your goals! I am in the same boat with trying to find balance and I loved reading what you had to say- it is so hard when you get excited about blogging and creating and then realize you are putting your family on the back burner! I love reading how many of us want to use TpT to create some financial relief-it's nice to know I'm not alone in needing a little extra income to pay off the debt!

    Stomping Through First

    1. Thanks, Kellee! It's definitely an uphill battle trying to find balance. But I guess the first step is recognizing that it is a good goal to have!! Best of luck to you!!

  3. Hope you achieve all your goals!