Monday, June 9, 2014


So today was officially the first day of summer! It was a good day as I spent time with my own kiddos. We went to the library, played with cousins, and even grabbed some Whataburger for lunch. Yum. I mean, ugh....I will be working out tomorrow. But for now,  I wanted to update my last post on the ONE word activity. To check it out go HERE.

The Friday before our last week I passed out this sheet...

I explained that the kids needed to think of just one word to describe each of their classmates, including me. We brainstormed some good adjectives and character traits but we didn't write them down as I was afraid that would be the only words they would fill out for each other. We decided to eliminate the "boring" words like "nice, cool, awesome".  I also told them that they could not use the same word more than twice to describe their friends, because, well y'know, they would all be "friendly" or "kind". And of course, no negative words! It took my class a good 25 minutes to complete this. I was impressed with their thoughtfulness and how they really took the time to choose the right words.

Once I collected the lists, I took them home and started on their Wordles. I chose to use over Tagul because I thought it was easier. My co-worker thought Tagul was more user friendly. Either way, the result is awesome!

I like Wordle because the words get bigger the more it is typed in. The kids could tell that the bigger the words were meant that more than one person chose that word for them. Pretty cool. 

Meanwhile that weekend, I went to the good ole Dollar Tree and bought the certificate sized frames. These were perfect since they fit 8 1/2 X 11 sized paper. 

I waited until the second to last day of school to hand out. 

I put a poem on the back...

These are ready to go!

Here is the one for me using the words from the class.

They really loved this and thought it was so cool that it was framed. They especially loved trying to figure out who said which word about themselves.  I will definitely be doing this again next year!


  1. A fellow 2nd grade teacher from your district here...and wishing I would've discovered your site during the school year as you have fabulous ideas!! Day 2 of Summer Break & you already have me excited for the upcoming school year : )

  2. Aw thank you so much! Be sure to follow my blog to see my updates. Wishing you a relaxing summer break!

  3. Aw thank you so much! Be sure to follow my blog to see my updates. Wishing you a relaxing summer break!

  4. This may sound silly, but how many tof mean did you need to type the name in so that it would be so big?

  5. HI Christina! I can't remember how many times I typed the word for it to be bigger but I think I did their name like 12 times. The other words I only typed in the number of times a student said that word about them. So if 4 people said someone was "kind" then I typed it 4 times. Does that make sense?