Monday, June 15, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge! Makeover Madness!

I am sooo excited to be participating in this awesome TpT Seller Challenge hosted by Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista! To learn more about it click HERE!

This week's topic is MAKEOVER MADNESS! I gladly accept this challenge and plan on making over more than one product within the week. This has definitely been on my TpT to-do list for awhile now. Just needed some free time (aka...summer!) and a little motivation to knock it out.

I wanted to go ahead and share my recently made over product: The Great Sub Reference Binder. This product has been PERFECT for long-term subs and just as a daily sub binder as needed. I just leave my copy near my desk in case I have to be out! I actually made over this product once before the original went on TpT. I had a friend about to take maternity leave and she had asked me to make her long term sub reference binder! So this is what was born....

 It is my #1 Top Seller on TpT and has received lots of re-pinning love on Pinterest. I know, so why give it a make over? Well, the content stays the same with a few added features and I just wanted to make it brighter and more updated. I LOVE the way it turned out!!

So happy with how it has turned out!

Here is an image used in my original blog post about the makeover. You can read that post HERE!

It also has more EDITABLE pages than before. Totally customizable to your classroom and ready for a sub!

Here is a little preview of what is all included!

So, what do you think? I would love to hear what all you would want to see in a sub binder. I might have to be making over this product again, you never know!

Be sure to check it out on TpT! Oh! And it will be on sale (20% off) until Thursday (6/18)!

Thanks for checking out this Makeover Madness! Stay tuned for more makeovers this week and be sure to stop by the other blogs linked up to see their new creations!


  1. Love the product update, it's so fresh and clean looking! I'm heading over to check it out on TpT! So glad we connected through this challenge. It is so nice to have other coach's wives to chat with!
    The Blessed Teacher

  2. Hey there. I'm from TX too. I love your new "look". Great re-design. I'm in the process of re-doing one of my best sellers. I am wonder where did you get the frames that say "Makeover Madness" before and after?

    This Little PIggy Reads

    1. Hi Deniece! Thanks for the comment! You can find the Makeover Madness image at any one of the blogs I referenced in my first paragraph! You just have to save it from their blog. I added the "Before" and "After" images though. Good luck making over your product!!

  3. I love the clean look of your updated binder!