Saturday, October 19, 2013

Story Structure posters and Gallery Walk!

We learned all about Story Structure recently and did a few fun things. We introduced story structure by reading A Bad Case of Stripes  by David Shannon.

 It's such a humorous story that the kids love and it also has a great model for story structure: characters, setting, problem and solution. After reading we complete a story map on the smart board that I found on TpT by Khrys Bosland. Here is a LINK to the story map.

The next day we read another great book, Cock-a-Doodle Dudley. After reading, we got in groups  to complete a group story structure poster. I had 3 kids to a group and each assigned a job: writer, illustrator, and editor. They all had to come up with complete sentences to explain the elements of the story.
Here is one group's finished poster. 

Once all posters were complete, we posted them around the room for a "gallery walk". This allowed the groups to see everyone's poster at their own pace. Here is a video to our class checking out each other's posters.

Then throughout the week we worked in our leveled readers identifying the story structure elements as well as creating their own story using these elements.


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