Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shape Hunt and Pic Collage!

We've had a busy week and I wanted to post some of our highlights!

In Math last week, we reviewed solid shapes and figures with a fun Shape Hunt. The kids were in small groups and each group had an iPad. Our objective was to see how many solid figures we could find in our school. After reviewing our iPad rules, (Get the iPad Rules HERE!), we started off in the classroom and took pictures of things that resembled our solid figures. The groups also each had a recording sheet with a clipboard to record the things we found.

They LOVED this and were very excited about all the shapes they found.

When we got back to the classroom, each group made a Pic Collage of all the shapes/solid figures.

 Making our Pic Collage

Here is one of the group's finished collage

After we shared our Pic Collages with the class we added up all the different shapes and graphed them as a group. It ended up being a really great activity.

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