Saturday, October 5, 2013

Field Day Fun!

We had an amazing Field Day on Friday! It may be one of the kids' favorite days of the year! Although, we have so many fun days at our school, it may be hard to narrow it down to one! I do believe we are the best elementary school on the planet and our kids believe that too!

We started off our morning by completing a Field Day Flow Map. Flow maps are great to show sequence of events and today was a perfect time to introduce this Thinking Map. Since our schedule was very different than normal, we thought we would start the day by letting the kids know what to expect when. And, yes, we were trying to avoid the zillion questions like, "When do we eat lunch?", "When is it time for Field Day?" etc. :) I explained the schedule of the day and wrote down the key events and times on the whiteboard. The kids drew out the events in order and labeled the boxes to show how our day would go. It really helped and I even overheard 2 kids talking later in the day about when we were going to library and one student told the other..."Check your Flow map!" :)

It's FREE if you want to use it. :) Get this HERE.

The past 2 years, our Field Day has been different than in the past and it is AWESOME! The kids can choose their Field Day buddies (3 kids in a group is ideal) within their grade level and complete the Field Day activities in any order they wish. No more rotating in order and waiting for the whistle to blow for the next station. The kids LOVE having the power to choose and roam around at their own pace. The kids wore lanyards with the activities attached and would get their tag hole-punched as they completed each activity. Another cool part about our Field Day, is that we use our older kids (4th and 5th graders) to buddy up with the kindergartners to help them through the activities. AND the older kids also run the station activities. It is so neat seeing these kids step up and look out for our younger kids. We still have parent volunteers but most of them were monitoring and supervising while the kids managed the stations. :) Special thanks to our amazing PE coach who is the mastermind behind our fun day!

He had just as much fun as our kids!

Here are a few pics of our fun day...

 Gotta love the sack race!

 Ready for TUG OF WAR!

Tug of War 2nd Grade Champs! Go Mrs. MeGown's Class!


 Flexing our muscles....this is why we won tug of war. :)


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