Sunday, October 26, 2014

K is for Kick Around (a little belated!)

We have just been cruising through our Compliment ABCs and landed on K a few weeks ago. Yes, this post is a little late but I finally have some time to update! Miss the post on our Compliment Reward system? You can read it HERE!

K is for Kick Around!

With a Kick Around, we get to bring our favorite ball from home to play and share with our friends. This was the last 20 minutes of our day and the kids had a blast! This was, by far, a favorite reward for most of my sports-lovin, active boys!

We also kicked our shoes off for an hour in the classroom which was really fun too. :)

Such a beautiful way to spend the last part of our afternoon!

The next letter with a reward is P.

 P is for popcorn party!

Stay tuned!


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