Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thoughtful Tuesday!

I think Thoughtful Tuesday may end up being my favorite day of the week. Today, I was in a workshop until 3:30 so I didn't have as much time with the kiddos; BUT we did get a thoughtful task completed. Yea!

Last Friday, my mom moved into her new house. She is a single widow living alone but recently moved to a bigger house with a pool! She definitely had her children and grandchildren in mind when she bought this house! We will definitely be spending a lot of time over there this summer. :)

Anyway, today we went over to swim after N got up from his nap. My mom actually had dinner plans and left while we were still swimming. For our Thoughtful Tuesday task(s), we thought we would help her with a few things as she still had things to unpack.

We started with picking up all the pool toys. I mean, really, we would do that anyway since we got it all out. :)

Then we decided to take the tape from the move off of one of her deck boxes for her. 

Yea! We found more pool toys!!

Myla, CAREFULLY, got the rest of the toys out of the pool. 

Myla spotted a box labeled bathroom/kitchen stuff so we decided to see what we could unpack for her. 

Definitely need some tissues in the bathroom.

We unpacked and put away the bathroom stuff! The rest goes to the kitchen.

Last task for Myla was cleaning up the floor in the living room. Little brother spilled some of his dinner. 

We couldn't leave Noah out, he got to help Daddy install a towel rack (well, kinda). 

Way to go, buddy!

Overall, it was a good first Thoughtful Tuesday. These are things that I want to come natural for my kids...helping others and putting someone else's needs before our own. Challenging for little ones to grasp at times but I feel if we make it a habit and a commitment to do something thoughtful for someone else once a week, then it may end up being something they seek out DAILY! That's my hope, anyway! Looking forward to next week!

Tomorrow is Wet 'n Wild Wednesday....hmmm, wheels are already turning. Stay tuned!


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