Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Plant Project- A Mini PBL!

In Science, we had just begun studying plants. We began the unit by completing the “What We Know” section on an online KWL chart off of www.readwritethink.org. 

 We had some good background knowledge of plants but I noticed that the kids did not mention what plants need or that plants had different parts with different jobs. This allowed for a perfect project opportunity! 

We developed a driving question…”How can we as 2nd graders tell about the basic needs of a plant and about plant parts and their special jobs?”

Researching and taking notes!

Using our Technology to answer our driving question!

The kids were then given a menu of options on how to complete their project. Some of the options were to create a song, put on a play, create a poster, a Prezi or a diorama. They got to choose their group or partner, decide on how to research , and lastly how to present the information to the class. 

One group practicing their play

The kids had 3 class periods to complete their project. There was a rubric that was designed to hold all kids accountable and actively involved. The level of engagement was incredible. Giving the kids the choice to choose their groups and how to present was very motivating for the kids.

Here are a few of the group's pics from their presentations...

 This group did a diorama of a plant using construction paper and a rolly chair!

 This group did a play!

A detailed poster explaining their answer and a proud group of boys!

 After the 3rd day, the groups presented their information to the class and I recorded the presentations to be uploaded to their Google Drive Portfolios as well as to our class website. Two of the groups put on a play as the students acted out the plant parts and explained their basic needs and jobs in a fun way. One group did a poster that consisted of a diagram with facts answering our driving question. Another group made a Prezi presentation and another made a diorama out of a rolly chair and construction paper!

 I was very impressed with the groups in how well they worked together and how much they learned. 

I plan to upload the videos of their presentations soon so stay tuned!!


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