Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have one word for this week. Honored.

Thank you so much to my awesome co-workers for naming me Teacher of the Year at McAuliffe. I am truly honored to represent our amazing school.

And I guess that is just the reason why I feel so honored. Have you been to our school?! It is the BEST elementary school around with classrooms full of incredible teachers. We are blessed to have supportive parents and fantastic students. McAuliffe is a place of high expectations where we know how to work hard and play hard. I love my school….

I am able to do the very best job that I can because of the incredible support our school provides. It is awesome.

Here are a few pics taken on Friday when they revealed Teacher of the Year…

I absolutely LOVED the reveal…My daughter came into our library carrying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with my son following closely behind with an envelope (gift card to my fave restaurant inside!). Then my mom, aunt, sister and father-in-law all walked in behind the kids. Truly a surprise!

Introducing Myla to the staff (most of them know her already, but she will be in kinder there next year!)

This year, we had a great TOY committee who made it all possible. Complete with a variety of bundt cakes for everyone! 

 It was already on the marquee!!

Me and my beautiful sister. Once an amazing 2nd grade teacher herself!! Now she stays home with her adorable kiddos with one on the way!!

We had to be sure to take pics for my husband, who couldn't be there. Preparing for the first home basketball game…Ah, the life of a high school coach!

So, to stick with our ONE WORD theme….the word HONORED really sums up the week. It's not easy being a teacher at times but receiving a little positive recognition goes a long way and I am grateful and appreciative. 



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