Thursday, November 21, 2013

Follow for a FREEBIE!

So, I know it's better to be a LEADER than a FOLLOWER in life but when it comes to Teachers Pay Teachers, it pays to be a follower. Why? When you are a follower, you are notified of all new products and upcoming sales. You might even luck out on a few freebies that are offered for the first 24 hours. :)

I am SOOO close to 100 followers, which is very exciting. I will be throwing a SALE when I reach 100.

SO, in the meantime, I need to round up a few more! I am starting my "Follow for a FREEBIE" campaign today. Simply go to my TpT site and click on "Follow Me" at the top of my page. Then REPLY to this post by stating your follower number and email address. I will send you one of my files under $4 (your choice) for FREE.

Once you have clicked "Follow Me", notice which number follower you are and reply to this post. Include your follower number, email and which product under $4 you would like for free.

Example: "I am your 97th follower and my email address is and I would like (product) for FREE!"

If you'd rather email me directly with that info, that will work too.
My email address is

Stay tuned for the upcoming sale and happy following!!


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