Thursday, July 30, 2015

My First Day back in my classroom!

So, I have definitely taken advantage of this summer time. Lots of sunshine and family time. But I haven't blogged in 2 weeks, haven't created any new products (which is kinda driving me crazy) and  just yesterday was the first day back to my classroom since school got out! I have 3 days of training/workshops coming up next week so I just needed to get in there and get a start to setting it up for a NEW year!

I got to my classroom at 10:30 or so and this is what I saw....
Actually, this was the BEST my classroom has looked over the summer. Every summer they wax our floors which means EVERYTHING must come out. Our custodians do it on their own for us which is great. And this time, mostly everything was put back in its place and nothing is missing! Yea!

Here is a quick video...

I worked for about 3 hours putting things away, organizing, project would lead to another....

This is my paper sorter thing I use at my Work on Writing station. I've had it for years and really want to refinish it. Yucky green. I have some turquoise spray paint at home...that should do it! I'll be sure to take an "after" picture when I finish it. :)

I really want to change out some of my routine posters I use at the beginning of the year. I have these written on a BIG anchor charts cart. (This one is on the wall behind my table). It takes up a lot of space and I am wanting to re-create it smaller. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do that....hmmm..any ideas??

THEN, for a project I actually finished yesterday...

I needed a few sticker labels for my buddy reading books and once I went to my sticker drawer in my filing cabinet, I noticed the sticker dilemma.

It was such a mess. All mixed up in my drawer. It was sad. I had never organized my stickers and it was time.

I went to Office Max and got this black wire file sorter. I sorted my stickers by common categories, labeled some colored file folders I had lying around and voila!!!

It fits perfectly in my top drawer of my filing cabinet! Makes me so happy!

I also cleaned out and organized my stamp collection. I don't ever use stamps but maybe I will now that they are right there. Need some more ink pads tho!!

I also couldn't resist buying BRIGHT new Expo markers either...

My next project to tackle was putting everything back in my black storage cabinet. I do not have a closet in my room so this is it. And because it is not a closet, I have to take everything out so it can be moved to have the floors waxed.

 I dread this task every year. I usually have my super organized sister help me do this but I did it all by myself. Yea!

Now, if it could only stay that way all year, that would be nice!

I also pushed desks into groups with a similar set up to how I had it last year. Not sure how many kids I have yet so that may change. I still have a lot to do but I feel good about my progress so far!

I was just happy to get that mess stacked up on my wall put away and have everything generally back in its place. I still need to organize my books which are still hidden in the lockers. That will be a daunting task I will save for another day!

After video...

How about you? Are you working in your classroom already?

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  1. Looking good. I literally just dropped my stuff off and left. Can't face the mess yet.