Saturday, January 31, 2015

New TpT Follower GIVEAWAY!

I'm kicking off a NEW TpT Follower Giveaway today!

Why? Well, because it sounds like fun! Facebook page has reached over 500's time to celebrate! 

My sweet little store currently has 246 awesome followers. These guys know that when I post new products they have a chance to download it for FREE the first 24 hours. Just a little thank you gift to my followers. Don't want these new Facebook "likers" feeling left out!

So, if you already follow my TpT store, THANK YOU!

If you don't, then this is the GIVEAWAY for YOU!

It's really simple: 

1) Click HERE to FOLLOW my store. 

2) Then click HERE to go to my FB post about the giveaway. 

3) Simply post which number follower you are in the comments of the Facebook post. 
Ex. "I am follower #247!"

I will choose a NEW follower winner tomorrow by NOON!! 

The winner may choose any one of my products for FREE!

Sounds like fun, right?! 



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