Sunday, March 9, 2014


Our Open House was this past Thursday. Usually it is a pretty hectic week preparing for the big night, but it was especially crazy this year! We had an "ice day" on Monday and missed school. So on Tuesday, we got busy and finished up (and started!) our Open House projects. The kids always look forward to showing off their work.

I actually remembered to get pictures this year! Here are a few from our hallway...

Each student wrote an acrostic poem about being Lucky. Wish my paper rainbow was a little longer but it played the part. :)

 Remember our Biography Presentations? Here are their pics that linked to their video!  We used the app AURASMA. Super cool.

The parents logged in to our Aurasma account to view their child's video. 


Another neat thing we did....we had the kids create a self portrait using only construction paper. They then wrote a secret thank you message to their parents using a QR code. Parents used the i-nigma app or other QR reader to scan and see their child's message.
 I thought they turned out super cute! We started them on Wednesday and everyone had theirs completed by Thursday night!

 I love how they really capture the kids' personalities.

 We taped them on to their chairs and set them in the hallway. Parents had to guess which QR kid was their own!


Once the students came in with their parents, they picked up their Tour checklist. I create a checklist and the student is the Tour Guide. This works great so that the parents see everything we have to show them! It is also nice for the kids to take ownership of their classroom. They were so proud to show their parents around!

We made All About Me books, which we finished in the nick of time! They were displayed on their desks as well as their FasttMath report, Journal and Science Notebook.

We also had a class-created PowerPoint going throughout the evening. Didn't get a picture of it but each child made a acrostic poem all about them. 

And a very last minute, seriously, last minute idea...

Each child decorated one word to complete the phrase, "BE..."

We hung them on our vines to remind us throughout the days, weeks, and year what we would like to BE. This goes along with our school's ONE WORD theme this year too. Many kids were able to decorate their one word for the year and others selected a different word to focus on.

Turned out pretty neat.

Open House was a success that literally came together just minutes before. 

Here is a fun video of the class cleaning the classroom before dismissal!

The classroom looked spotless. Thanks everyone!


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