Sunday, March 9, 2014


Each year, our amazing school hosts a Chili Cook-Off. The staff puts it on for the whole community and it is definitely one of the kids' most favorite events!

Each teacher and team makes a pot of chili and designs a booth based on a theme of choice. This year was a no-brainer for us. With the popularity of the new Disney film, we chose FROZEN! Check out some of our pics!

 We created this little snowman out of butcher paper and covered it over exercise balls from our Motor Lab.

 We found an image on Pinterest with the quote, "Some People are worth Melting for." My talented team member changed it to say "CHILI" :)

We covered the walls of our hallway in aqua butcher paper and stapled up some white paper in mountain shapes. To create the frozen winter effect, we hung lights and snowflakes from the ceiling!

AND....YES...this is a sleigh, just like from the movie! And it is NOT made out of's styrofoam! We had a super talented dad of one of our students make it for us. It was amazing! He also built the huge screen you see behind it so we could project a picture of the Ice Castle to complete the look.

Here is a shot of most of the booth area. Looked beautiful with all of the lights.

To make the sign, we printed off each letter from the logo, painted over with some glitter and glued on some foam board. (Thanks, mom, for helping with this!) Then we hung some crystal ornaments that my mom had from the sign. 

Check out our OLAF!! 

Here is our SVEN setting up right before the event started!

My amazing 2nd grade team as...
 Olaf, Anna, Sven and Elsa

 Did I mention there are trophies?! The students use voting tickets to vote for the team with the Best Theme and the Best Tasting Chili.  Our chili was quite tasty but we were clearly going for the best theme....

AND WE WON!! Here we are with our trophy!

It was the first time our 2nd grade team had won in the nine years we have had Chili Cook-Off. I have an entirely NEW team too so it was so neat to have us pull together and win!

It was definitely a lot of work that we could not have done without the help of our Parents! Our 2nd grade parent who helped with our booth decor and our OWN parents! My mom made my Anna costume and my team member's mom made her Olaf costume!

 Myla was super excited to finally meet "Elsa"!!

Such a fun night!!

We are already looking forward to next year's 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off!!


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