Friday, December 13, 2013

MAGNETS + 2nd Graders = FUN!

What an awesome week we had! Quite a few blog-worthy moments so I'll start with what we did in Science. We have been discussing Forces (pushes and pulls, gravity---> Remember, the spider who just happened to drop in while we were discussing gravity!?).

We then moved on to MAGNETS. 2nd graders come to us already knowing some basic background knowledge about magnets but to find out exactly how much they already knew, we did a KWL chart…
Don't laugh at my puny magnet…found something like this on Pinterest about 5 minutes before the kids came back from recess…so I was rushing a little. ;)

 To introduce our magnet lesson, I asked the kids to think of different forces in our world that are useful. They came up with some great ideas ("Gravity, so we don't float off the Earth) but I had to give them a few more clues until one little guy guessed magnets. 

I had two bar magnets with the poles marked and demonstrated how they attract and repel. 
Then, I gave each student a post it for them to write one thing they already know. After discussing what we know, I was excited to  move on because we needed to expand our knowledge a little bit. So, I wanted them to ask some questions they have about magnets (What We Want to Know). I then had them take another post-it and write down at least one question. Then we added them to the poster.

Then it was time to learn. 

So,we watched the Magnet BrainPopJr video and a couple of other short magnet clips. The kids completed a Circle Map on Magnets while they watched so they could record what they were learning.

Lastly, I had the kids do what they love best…EXPLORE. They were each given a magnet to go explore around the classroom. They had to find at least 3 things that were magnetic and 3 that were not.  They added what they learned to their circle maps.


I had the kids get out their Science notebooks to review what we learned AND we had to fill out that space on our class poster too. We picked the coolest things we learned and added them…
Again, don't judge the sloppy handwriting. Wish I could say the sweet kiddos wrote that part but no, that is all me trying to be efficient and write quickly. Ha! (Any other teachers out there dislike writing on your anchor charts in front of the kids??)

Then it was time for MAGNET PATHS….

We did an activity where we took a paper plate and drew a path and labeled a starting point and an ending point. I gave the kids paper clips and one magnet. The objective was to move the paper clip, which sat on top of the plate, with the magnet, which was under the plate, along the path. 

Here is a video of a couple of my kids with their magnet path…

They thought this was so cool! Magic. 

And a couple of pics….

After paperclips, I gave the kids mini binder clips, since it was 1/2 plastic. This was much more challenging to move but it still worked. Lastly, I gave them another small round magnet to move on their paths. They had to figure out which side (pole) would move the magnet.

Then the kids did a reflection in their science notebook. They had to draw their paths, describe the materials used and write which item was easiest to move along the path and why, and which was the most challenging to move.

Results by one student…

Everyone agreed that the round magnet was easiest to move since the magnets had a north and south pole and once they had the opposites sides facing each other, moving it was a breeze! 
The most challenging to move was the binder clip because of the plastic. We also discussed how the shape of the items made a difference too. 

I do plan to do a kinesthetic magnet activity next week. Totally forgot about it this week, but, in short, give each student a label to wear on their shirt that says either "North" or "South". They will roam around the classroom until either I say stop or the music stops (?) and then turn to the nearest student, read their labels and either "Attract" if they are opposites or "Repel" if their poles are the same. They hold hands if they attract or they hold their arms away from each other to indicate a push if they repel.

Hmmm…wonder if I can play Paula Abdul's song, "Opposites Attract." ha ha! I'm kidding, kinda. 

I will definitely have to post a video of that activity! 

Until next time…



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