Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Problem Solving!

Can't wait to use these with my kids the next couple of weeks! I had a lot of fun creating this and know it will be great to help review our problem-solving steps when solving story problems!

This set features 7 problem-solving steps that will encourage students to stop and think AND show their thinking!

After learning/reviewing the 7 steps, they can use this fill-in-the-blank sheet of the problem-solving steps as a resource or take for a grade!

I have an example story problem for you to work through together with your students that explain each step. Here is a preview of the example.

Then there are the 12 Christmas-themed story problems with matching work pages.

And lastly, there is a pocket chart station activity where the kids order the problem-solving steps. Or you could use this as a review with the whole class. 


And, in case you haven't heard…BIG TpT sale on Monday and Tuesday! All my products, including this set, will be up to 28% off. 

Check out my other Christmas-themed items HERE! 

I plan to post pics next week of my kids with this activity so stay tuned!


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