Saturday, September 21, 2013


Our school's theme this year is ONE. We have one voice and one life, we are one team. I love it! So, we have asked the kids to think of ONE word that will be their focus for the year. I shared with my class, the first week of school, my one word of the year....BALANCE. It was quite amusing trying to explain this to my 2nd graders. One said, "So you want to work on your balance?? Like standing on one foot? I can do that!!"

I went on to explain that it is important for me to balance my time between home/family life and my life at school. Plus, my hobbies and friendships.... After I explained more, I was quite impressed that some of the kids really understood.

SO...this week I challenged the kids to think of their ONE word by Friday so we could make our One Word posters. Every student chose a word that would be something they would work on, not necessarily describe them.

I took white construction paper and cut a whole in the middle to make a frame for their face. I told them to decorate their poster and draw a symbol to reflect their word. Then I took each student's picture with their poster.  I plan to make a photo collage out of all the pics and post on our classroom door. Hoping it will help reinforce and hold them accountable for their word.

Here is my example...

Here are some of the kids!!

I have to say that I am truly blessed by these kids. Such a great group and I already love them all! I look forward to helping them focus on their ONE WORD this year!

UPDATE!! I decided to take their pics and place on our bulletin board...


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