Saturday, September 14, 2013

Me Museum: Great First Week activity

I just wanted to share something new our grade level did this year that I thought was fantastic! At the start of the school year, it is always fun to do a few getting-to-know-you activities. Instead of doing the "Me in a Bag" activity where the kids brought in five things in a bag to share with the class, we had a "Me Museum"! My team member found it on TpT. You can see it here.

The kids chose 3 items (some brought a few more!) to display in their "museum" that would tell about them. They created a sign to display to attach to their desk and wrote on notecards a sentence or two describing their items. I also had post-its at each table for the kids to write down questions as they walked around visiting the museums. They loved it and were so excited to have questions to answer when they got back to their desks. A HUGE timesaver too, as the kids rotated to each table when I rang the bell, instead of 1 child presenting one at a time. I will definitely be doing this every year!

Here are a few of the museums.

Here is a quick video showing how it all worked!


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