My Classroom

Here is a peek into my world...

Before the First Day of School

Here is where I write our EQ's or learning objectives for the week. ;)

 I love organizational drawers like these for my weekly handouts!

My ABC wall got a makeover!!

We were asked to add felt to the bottom of our chairs to protect the floors. I, of course, chose turquoise. 

Here is my reading corner straight ahead, math area to the right, and my writing station to the left!

The reading of the kids' most favorite places. 

I just love my new $20 lamp I bought at Lowe's.

This is where the learning happens!

Here is a view of my "Hanging with the BEST" wall where I display student work. I have clothespins on the vines to hang it. 

I store my Technology in a dishwasher crate. I think it was just a few dollars at Wal-Mart. It holds everything just perfectly without taking up too much space.

We have 4 iPads, 5 ChromeBooks, and 3 Macbook Airs in our classroom. SO awesome!

Here is our classroom door from the inside, featuring my Exit Ticket area. See my Exit Ticket Bundles HERE and HERE.

 Here is our "Tech Table"...a place for our kids to work with their technology! I moved my iPad rules posters over near the table. The table was $20 from ikea and the stools were $4.99. Pretty good deal. 
 Here is a view of our math area. This is where we store our math manipulatives (in the animal print bags) as well as all of our math stations.

Check out the cute turquoise chair! We found it on the side of the road that someone was throwing out. It is a sturdy metal chair in great condition. It was a bright red orange color and my super husband spray painted it for me!

Here is where we store our class earbuds. A jewelry organizer from the The Container Store! The kids bring in their own pair and we put them in their numbered pocket. 

I also really wanted a place in the front of the room to display my seasonal books. Here is a $5 plastic rain gutter from Lowe's.  It was the perfect size too!

I added some duct tape to make it look cute. :)

That's all for now! 
Thanks for checking out our classroom!


Melissa Dailey said...

Hi Monica! I just found your super sweet blog! I teach second grade too and love connecting with other second grade teachers. Afterall, it is the BEST grade!! :)
Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

Monica MeGown said...

Thanks Melissa! I am somehow just now seeing this comment! It is great to connect with fellow 2nd grade teachers/bloggers! I absolutely LOVE 2nd grade too!!

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