Friday, July 21, 2017

Monthly Reading Logs for Elementary Readers!

We recently added Monthly Reading Logs to our 2nd grade Homework Routine. It is such a great way to ENCOURAGE daily reading and give you, as the teacher, an idea how much your students are reading (or not reading) at home. I also loved learning about the types of books they chose to read and it allowed me to get a sneak peek into their reading interests!

Most of my students could fill out the log on their own and parents would simply initial that their child read for the day. My own daughter was a 2nd grader last year and we would take turns recording her reading but towards the end of the year, it was completely her responsibility. Score! All I had to do was initial.

So, I decided TODAY that I would wrap a pretty bow around my Monthly Reading Logs to share with everyone! What does that mean??

Well, it means these reading logs are now on TpT and they are FREE for 48 hours (thru July 23rd!) Yes, hurry, go snag it NOW!!

But, I did decide to add another version to these logs for the younger readers (K-2)...

This version has columns for "Read to Child" and "Read by Child" for those beginning readers who may feel more comfortable being read to! As teachers, we want our kids immersed in good literature and if they aren't reading on their own quite yet, it's ok! This allows the parent to know that it's ok and also gives the option for choosing good fit books for their child to read independently!

Here's a preview....

I have both versions available from AUGUST-JULY. Why in that order? I actually created these 1 month at a time last school year and started with August. Since we got out of school on June 1st, I actually didn't use June or July. But I created them today, in case anyone has year-round school or summer school!

FREE for 48 hours! (thru July 23rd)
If you snag this for free, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would rate and give feedback!
Thanks, in advance!!


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