Sunday, March 1, 2015


Oh my goodness, 2 blog posts in one day?!? This is a rare occurrence for me but I do hope to blog more. Those of you who blog frequently (like at least twice a week) I am envious. How do you do it?? Please share your secrets!

 Linking up again with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently. It's 10:20 on March 1st (clearly, past my bedtime) but I am determined to post my March Currently on the first of the month!

LISTENING: Yep, pretty exciting. The 10 o'clock news. We are actually on the weather forecast right now which has been quite interesting for us in Texas lately. So it's going to rain every day this week. High for Tuesday...70 degrees and rainy, High for Wednesday...39 degrees with chance of sleet/snow. You read that right. Gotta love Texas weather!

LOVING: Due to the snowmageddon event we had on Friday,  (closed school early because over 3 inches of snow fell and that's what schools do in Texas when it snows...everything shuts down), the kids' soccer games were cancelled and roads were too slick to drive anywhere. SO, we had no plans except to play in the snow!! Fun times!

This was taken AT SCHOOL before they closed school! Some of my kiddos had already been checked out for the day. 

 My little man loving the snow

Snow Selfie

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

THINKING: Open House is THIS Thursday for us and with our 2 snow days last week and early release on's gonna be tough to get it all in. We are going to work hard this week for sure!

WANTING: There is something about being cooped up inside that makes me want to eat bad things. And right now, I am wanting chocolate ice cream. 

NEEDING:  I really do not NEED to want that chocolate ice cream. So I will resist. Even though I know my Ben & Jerry's Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream may have a few bites left. Nope, not gonna do it. Haven't been active enough this weekend to enjoy that right now. ugh

SPRING BREAK PLANS:  No plans to leave town this year so we will stay home and relax. Really want to finalize a few TpT products I have been tinkering with for awhile now. It is time to wrap it up and upload to my store. Also want to share a few more blog posts to catch up on all the cool things we've been up to lately. I desperately need to go through drawers, closets and cabinets for some good spring cleaning! That's pretty much it! I know the week will go by way too fast!


It's your turn! Head on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to share your own! Be sure to check out the other awesome bloggers too!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. LOL about the chocolate ice-cream. I'm like that about ANY ice-cream!
    Looks like you and your kiddos had a blast during the snow day. We're heading into rain here too, which means flooding from it and melting snow. But, that means I'll see grass again. Woot!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  2. I'm jealous about your snow. The kiddos look like they're loving it!
    P.S. I hope you ate that ice cream!
    One Lucky Teacher

  3. I feel ya! Today we have an "ice day" and I can already predict it will be a PJs and icecream-craving kind of day. :)


  4. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the March Currently! It looks like you and I have the same Spring Break mindset however, our weather is different! It has been super hot here in Southern California. It looks like you and your kiddos had fun in the snow though!
    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth