Monday, July 21, 2014

Personal Behavior Clip Chart...GREAT idea!

Found this on What The Teacher Wants and think it is a neat idea. 

Since this is the week in our linky for Behavior Management, I thought this was good to share! I use the Class Clip Chart similar to these as explained in my last post.   I really like it but wondering if this would work well for certain kiddos in addition to the class chart??

Could I do both? Hmmm...just thinking out loud here. 

I see the benefit of not having the class chart displayed for all to see as some kids get super anxious and embarrassed about moving their clip in front of the class. This could really allow the kids stay accountable for their behavior in a more personal, less embarrassing way. 

Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants explains how she uses it in her classroom. Check it out HERE.

She also has a great Behavior Bundle that goes along with this if you'd like to check it out on her TpT store

This is definitely something I am going to consider for next year.

What do you think???

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