Friday, January 10, 2014

First Post of the New Year! (and not really "teacher related")

Wow, it's now 10 days into January, lots going on in our little world so there has been little time for posting.

Time to play catch up!!

We had a fabulous NYE party….here are just a few pics.

 Not the best pic but we had little party favors with Hershey's kisses and fortune cookies.

Our Cupcake Countdown Clock!
Saw something similar on Pinterest, of course. The idea was to move the hour hand each hour. Only moved it once before our guests started eating them!

Extra cupcakes had these cute toppers.

We had the mock "Photo Booth" which was quite a hit.

Fun Night!

 Even the little ones had fun with the props!

I had found this app Insta Booth where you can easily do Photo booth type pics. It was a free app and very easy to use. Here are few of our pics!

I liked how I could simply modify the templates to make the strips exactly how I wanted them. 

I could see this app being fun to use in the classroom. :)

You can find the FREE printables for all of the cupcake toppers, photo booth props, banner etc HERE.
I do plan to update my New Year's Eve Printables to say 2015 sometime in the future. 

This was too fun not to do again. :)


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